Settle Your Disputes Without Going to Court

Mediation is a multi-stage process that maintains confidentiality using a trained neutral expert to assist all persons to focus on solving problems with a forward-looking approach. Mediation achieves private, confidential, and concrete resolutions. Through mediation we foster amicable resolutions by creating a dynamic private environment to help various parties within commercial, workplace, community, and family matters to achieve communication. Preserving relationships is a priority best maintained using a transformative approach to support religious organizations, schools, and human resources with the workplace. The facilitated collaborative process is much less expensive than litigation and identifies mutually satisfactory solutions by exploring, creating, and tailoring your own settlement options to meet your needs.

Mediation is effective in civil matters, as well as, family transitions. In cases of families, mediation focuses on children minimizing the effects of divorce. Mediation gives you control over the outcome with less stress and animosity to help you evaluate your goals and options to identify solutions you can live with and trust. This approach is less formal than a trial not imposing legal rules allowing you to work out your own solutions to your own problems.

Creative ADR Services LLC is committed to providing a high quality, personalized experience for our clients. We encourage a collaborative approach, stressing mediation and negotiation whenever possible. We are experienced and compassionate, recognizing that every case is unique. I will work as a member of your team to resolve disputes amicably enabling you to have control over your business, your family, and your future.